A product range full of sauna-suitable specialties

Warmth, silence, a distraction-free environment… the sauna is a place where everyone has the chance to slow down and relax.
A pause from everyday life and at the same time one of the oldest and most uncomplicated natural remedies in the world – sauna is the perfect treat for body, mind and soul.

The origins of today‘s sauna culture...

…lie in sauna huts constructed from roughhew logs – no wonder that solid wood is still a true classic in sauna construction. But unfortunately, it sets rather close limits to processing and design…

We have therefore developed special plywood panels for the specific requirements of sauna construction – for sauna, infrared or thermal cabins the SAUNABOARD opens up new possibilities. It can even be used for bio or evaporator saunas.

What better match than an ecologically sound, easy-to-process product that also pampers the eye – our SAUNABOARD.


In addition to the classic, smooth SAUNABOARDS, we are specialists in unique surfaces: