Structured top layer

Gentle structures for unique pieces of furniture

Our stuctured top layers have a surface structure that particularly emphasizes the annual rings.
Thanks to their simple elegance, they adapt very gently to any style of furnishing.

Sometimes less is more...

Our textured surface is just the right thing for all those who find smooth surfaces too “boring”, but find the embossed plates a little too “wild”.

Those who like it that way will have their fun with the gallant centerpiece between the smooth veneers and our PRAEGEBOARDS.

Available in the wood types of the Salzkammergut oak

  • ALTAUSSEE – dark brown, “sunburned” oak
  • ATTERSEE – light coloured timber oak with discolorations, lively sorting
  • MONDSEE – Silver oak (through-coloured gray)
  • SCHWARZENSEE – smoked, dark brown oak
  • TRAUNSEE – light coloured timber oak with knotty oak character and few cracks
  • WOLFGANGSEE – steamed, light brown oak

Surface images - click through!