Saunaboard Curved, Fine & Straight

Linear design in modern saunas

Our brand new groove embossing is available in CURVED, FINE and STRAIGHT finish. Their linear design makes them particularly modern and expressive.
The only difference between them is the spacing and shape of the individual grooves.

With their stylish appearance, they provide clarity and spread a calming mood in the sauna.

Due to the matte, chip-free surface, they are wonderfully easy to clean and suitable for everyday use.

Saunaboard Curved

The closely spaced grooves of the CURVED surface run precisely and more than live up to their name thanks to the unique curvature.

It spreads a calming mood and brings a very special flair to any sauna.

Saunaboard Fine

The brand new grooved embossing FINE fits harmoniously and stylishly into any sauna and relaxation area.

The grooves are even finer than those of the Straight and as the PRAEGEDECKLAGE FLEX (embossed top layer) it can be bent in a radius ~ 15-20 cm. This allows for easy covering of curves (e.g. columns in rest areas, bar counters, etc.).

Saunaboard Straight

The individual grooves of the STRAIGHT surface run in a slightly angular manner, allowing more space between units.

Whether as a piece of furniture, kitchen front or in the sauna – this linear design suits any style and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

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