Every surface tells its own story

Decades of weathering have turned the wood of old mountain huts into unique pieces of art.
The lively structure of the old wood has become an element in great demand for exceptional pieces of furniture and interior design.
Unfortunately, reclaimed old wood from buildings often provides low yield and hard-to-process quality. This leads to high prices and long waiting times for high-quality products made of solid old wood.


To be able to provide consistent quality with continuously good availability, we have specialized in boards with aveneer top layer, i.e. a thin layer of noble wood on a base board.
With this technique, the valuable resource wood can be used responsibly and sustainably and -compared to solid wood – we can produce much more square feet of pure comfort from the same amount of material.


But it‘s not just the look of weathered wood that makes it so unique. Its haptics make old wood a product that appeals to our instincts. Different surfaces come into play; you have the choice between the embossed DIAMANT, the deeper embossed DIAMANT 2.0, the particularly quiet, plain and knot-free veneer grade SELECT and the STRUCTURE surface which emphasizes the annual rings.
New to our range are the CURVED, FINE & STRAIGHT groove embossings, which provide a tasteful and homey ambiance.

So how can this aspect be offered with veneer technology?

From some of the most beautiful surfaces of these real old wood timber, we have taken a casting mold. In a special, innovative production process, we press this natural pattern into various wooden surfaces. That makes a natural structured wooden surface.

Combined with a reliable gluing on different base boards, high-quality products are created: our PREAGEBOARD and ALPINEBOARD.
It looks and feels like solid old wood, however it is more reliably calculable, constantly available in consistent quality and waste optimized.
All products come untreated and after applying a surface treatment of oil or varnish, our products are ready for immediate use.