Veneer Edge Band

So that your project has perfect corners and edges

We offer our unique veneer edges in a wide variety of variations, surfaces and wood types.
Our edges are as individual as we are – we have the right rounding for every project.


Due to its unique surface structure (comparable to the Strukturboard), the STRUCTURE EDGE BAND fits perfectly to our embossed products. It is available in the Salzkammergut oak wood species Altaussee, Attersee, Mondsee, Traunsee and Wolfgangsee.
By attaching this edge it almost seems as if there is a seamless transition from the plate to the edge.
The resulting piece of furniture is truly unique and has a very special aura.


Since the STRUCTURE EDGE BAND is only available in selected wood types, we still offer our EDGE BAND NATURE in a smooth finish.

From A like Ahoren (maple) to Z like Zwetschke (plum) we offer pretty much all common wood types as edge products – best to ask directly!

Peter Czappek

Our master rolls are stored at Peter Czappek in Tyrol. The further processing to the desired edge is carried out by Peter on customer order. This enables us a flexible and quick delivery in the desired edge width and thickness. Many of our master rolls are made from our own high quality veneer.