Our world of veneers

Everything from one source for your perfect project

If you are looking for a reliable and competent partner for the furniture industry, you have come to the right place.
Special know-how and a lot of experience – that’s what we have when it comes to oak, spruce and larch in all their varieties as well as waste wood.
Similarities connect – so our wood species of ash, nut, beech and of course oak are as strong in character and expressive as we are.

Our dynamic veneer team is particularly flexible and always strives to find the best material for individual projects.
Thus, every piece of wood that arrives at our warehouse is checked for quality and sorted.

In order to facilitate the selection of wood, most of the logs are stored with a photo in our veneer stock program, because the purchase of these precious woods should be as easy and relaxed as possible for our customers.

The feeling for the "right" material

With a storage area of 2000 m² at the Vorchdorf site and around 100 different types of wood in the standard range, we cover a wide range of needs.
According to the motto “it doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist”, we already respond to individual customer requirements when purchasing logs. To ensure that only the right logs are purchased for our veneer, our boss Josef personally takes care of it. His years of experience, his love of wood and his feeling for the “right” material play an important role in this.

From A for apple...

…about pear, hemlock and olive, about macassar and rosewood up to Z like Zwetschke (plum) – we try to fulfill every customer wish in the best possible way.

All types of wood are available on request with or without fleece, in all common veneer thicknesses, jointing types, dimensions and as cross veneer.

Quality before quantity - sustainability is our magic word

The most important thing for us is that at the end of the day the customer is satisfied with his product and also our employees go home with the feeling of having brought a piece of nature to the right place, where it is brought back to life.

Questions? Wishes? Suggestions?

We look forward to hearing from you.