Sauna "Futura" made by Butenas

Awarded Designsauna

As a homage to the European Capital of Culture 2022 Kaunas and its unique modernist architecture, the LauraLine® sauna FUTURA sets completely new standards in a stylish and charismatic way.

FUTURA impresses with decorative curved lines and striking accents with wow effect, best functionality and the use of resource-saving materials of the highest processing quality as well as excellent technology. An impressive sauna composition with a panoramic view in harmonious perfection.

Our SAUNABOARD COLOR Black and SAUNABOARD Espe were used here.

Awarded the Special Mention 2022 of the German Design Award and twice the Plus X Award 2022

Sauna construction & Photos

Butenas GmbH & Co. KG
Lange Straße 30
34593 Knüllwald