Reichelt die Einrichter OHG

Exhibition space of a special kind

From measurement to production and on-site installation – Reichelt provides all services from a single source.

Traditional craftsmanship and individual advice guarantee that every sauna is unique.

The new showroom presents our SAUNABOARDS in the best light and emphasizes the unique imprints.

See, feel, smell – here you can perceive the sauna panels for the future sauna with all your senses.

Sauna construction

Reichelt die Einrichter OHG
Einrichtungshaus am Fetscherplatz
Striesener Straße 45 – 47
01307 Dresden


Licht 2000
Robert Hochenegger e.U.
Bundesstraße 29
6063 Rum



Kevin Walther – Weltenfluss

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