Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof

The adventure resort with charm in the Alps

The warmth covers your mind and body like a blanket – it envelops you in complete security.

All your muscles relax, you surrender completely to the stimulating effect of the sauna, and then later you dive into the realm of tranquility with complete ease.

This effect unfolds especially the wonderful lake event sauna, which was made of our SAUNABOARD Diamant – Salzkammerguteiche Altaussee.

With light effects and the breathtaking view of the lake, a special sauna experience is guaranteed.

Sauna construction

Franz Schroll GmbH
Fehling 18
83339 Chieming

Project / Location

Hotel Lürzerhof GmbH
Dorfstraße 23
5561 Untertauern

Used products

SAUNABOARD Diamant –  Altaussee



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