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Together with the mild temperatures of about 40°- 55° C you get a particularly pleasant and gentle sauna climate.
Steam enriched by medicinal herbs brings their ingredients to the pores of the skin, and through the respiratory tract directly into the bronchi and lungs. There they can unfold their valuable effects.

Fine steam gently cleanses, tones and vitalizes the skin. Essential oils complement the effect with their positive effects on inner balance and strengthen the immune system while stabilizing the cardiovascular system.

Maintain your positive attitude to life and mobilize your self-healing powers at the same time!
With the VITARIUM® bio sauna from Gruber-Sauna, made from our SAUNABOARDS.

Sauna construction & photos

Gruber Sauna
RM Wellness GmbH
Linzer Straße 51
3002 Purkersdorf

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