AusZeit – Experience sauna in Bad Schallerbach

Indoor and outdoor sauna attractions

Rock Crystal Infusion Sauna 80 °C

The positive power of the rock crystals can be felt in this experience sauna. Fragrances of fruits and herbs have an additional stimulating effect on body and mind.

Singing bowl rituals are performed several times a day and at the end you refresh yourself with energetic spring water.

Mild herbal sauna 55 °C

The gentle warmth and a humidity of about 50% create a pleasant atmosphere in the herbal sauna.

You enjoy the scent of various natural mountain herb mixtures and sweat just as intensely during a longer stay as in a hotter sauna. In addition, deep relaxation sets in.

Sauna construction

KWS SCHIESTL Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Austraße 25
6200 Jenbach

Project / Photos

Eurothermen Resort
Bad Schallerbach GmbH
Promenade 1
4701 Bad Schallerbach

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