Inbeca Wellness

Creating spaces for health

The INBECA company is very aware of the advantages of a regular sauna.

For 50 years they have been perfecting the best techniques and materials and have designed different sauna lines combining the best woods, materials and surfaces with lighting, infrared rays and different styles.

Their vision is to create spaces for health to relax the nervous system, stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate the body, eliminate toxins and improve muscle elasticity.

And in the following projects they have succeeded in doing this perfectly, we think.

Sauna construction & photos

INBECA Wellness equipment S.L.
C/ Comagrua 32-34,
Pol. Ind. El grab
08758 Cervelló (Barcelona)

Project / Location

  • Saint Bonett, France
  • Balnearo Caldea Andorra, Spain
  • Les Sources Du Halt Platteau, France
  • Sala Zen, Ceruello, Spain


Monica Batalla

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    Fr: 07:30 - 12:00
    and of course by appointment


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